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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When you don't know where to start ...

Go back to the beginning.

--- A quote from a great Yooper movie, Escanaba in da Moonlight.

Hi, I am Anne. I've always enjoyed cooking and crafting since a kid, as my mom raised me to be a replica of her. I was told over and over "We are good cooks" and eventually you believe it. Whether or not that's true, doesn't change the fact that I love it, especially trying new recipes, wow-ing people with presentations and creativity... eventually it became a passion. I also love to document all my creations, and those that I sample of others!

This blog is designed to help me organize culinary and craft experiences. I plan to archive old pictures from the past as well as sprinkle in new adventures from present times. I'll mix in some restaurant reviews from travels near and far, and add in notes about some non-culinary crafts from time to time. Combine all that with the goal to improve my photography skills and exercise my web page authoring expertise, and voila --- that is the recipe for this blog. Bon Appetit.

Since I didn't comprehend the idea of Kitchen Bliss until now, many older experiences that I will document may not have exact recipes or great looking pictures. However, a major step toward today was the first ever Cooking Club with Andrea and Kristiana. We made homemade eggrolls, egg drop soup, and from the looks of the pictures -- some kind of stir fry. This was back in 02/2004, and when we consider the Cooking Club to have been founded.

Alas, Andrea went to Germany for school and schedules were busy -- Cooking Club meetings were few and far in between during those times. Honorary members came and went, and we made the most of these post-undergrad years. Yes, we were all still getting our master's (and some PhD's) degrees so please excuse our hand-me-down cladden tablescapes... I'm sure you understand.

On more than one occasion, myself and sometimes Andrea would visit college friends in Ann Arbor and put our culinary skills to the test. The first trial of this amounted in boeuf bourgeois (beef burgundy) and some type of creamy spinach bacon dish (sorry, this was 10/2004).

I hope to scrape up more photos from our adventures in Ann Arbor, but now I digress to a major reason that I cook every day: The wonderful man of whom I married just over a year ago! Luckily with Tim, the cliche saying is true that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.. especially if it is a warm gooey apple crumble dessert. Having dated for over 4 years prior to getting married, he has been an ever-hungry and willing taste tester, and a reason for me to satisfy my urge to "try something special" for that someone special. From the first time I cooked for him - quesadillas because he likes Mexican, of course - to special occasions like a Valentine's day puff pastry tart - to now, normal every day cooking.

So there you have a touch of the past, with more to follow. I believe this to be as good as a spot as any to conclude my opening post. Ciao.. or should I say, chow!?!!

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  1. Looking forward to tracking back through your blog. You were linked today on Owlhaven's blog for a picture of Buche de Noel. Amazing. Drop over my way anytime...but don't expect just beautiful food. hee hee