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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shilla: My new Favorite Japanese/Korean restaurant

Besides the pasties, here is my first official restaurant review. I love trying new places and I'm really happy that Tim and I went searching for a good dinner with no ideas. We were traveling down Maple Rd in Troy, not quite sure where we'd end up, when we passed Shilla. I said "The sign says korean - what do you think about Bibimbap?" We immediately turned around and headed in. On our first visit, we both ordered dolsot bibimbap (bibimbap (mixture of rice, assorted veggies, sliced korean beef, with a sunny side up egg on top) served in a hot stone bowl) and a few sushi rolls. I refrained from taking pictures, but the bibimbap was the best I've had in years. We LOVED it and used about half a bottle of that korean hot sauce we love so much (I have to find that in a store somewhere!!)

The sushi was also excellent, I had a Maryland Roll which had tempura softshell crabs and maryland style crab seasoning and it was an excellent, artistic combination. What we took home for leftovers was delish the 2nd time around as well.

On a recent visit, I decided to just go with sushi while Tim devoured his usual bibimbab (which was awesome as usual). They had a special sushi roll, the Godzilla Roll, which sounded perfect and I ordered that plus some typical spicy california rolls. We also tried the shrimp tempura appetizer. Along with our orders, they brought out the typical korean barbecue style "little bowls" with various appetizers.. things like kimchee, spinach, pickled radishes, fried egg, and more. I think the little appetizers vary depending on the day you go.

The tempura was excellent, light and crispy and the shrimp pieces were extra large. Tim ate most the veggies but what I had of the veggies-onion, carrot... it was delish.

The Godzilla roll was out of this world, and was a piece of art. I'd never tried something that looked like that before and I can't say enough about how good it was. As the sign noted, the entire roll was deep fried (may not be authentic Japanese but delicious) and had the BBQ eel I was looking for... the salmon, tuna, crab and sauces were all bonuses! Tim loved it too! We had lots of sushi as leftovers but they did not go to waste, yet again.

I wanted to take some pictures of how beautifully decorated it is inside the restaurant but the 2nd time we visited (when I actually felt like taking photos), the main dining room was booked for a wedding. The sushi room was still beautiful with a big carved out ceiling, and various artistic touches that make you feel like you're somewhere special. I only caught a little snapshot of the ceiling in one of my photos.

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Summary: I highly recommend going to Shilla for some korean and japanese food. There is a reason it is always packed - but don't worry, it's a big place. We haven't had to wait yet.

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