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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nobana Sushi

This place used to be called Nobel Fish House, but maybe because there already was a "Noble Fish" in Clawson, they eventually changed names (and maybe owners?) to Nobana! I was first introduced to this place when I worked at NWS as it was a hop, skip, and a jump away: Located on Crooks Rd just north of Long Lake in the plaza there. My boss said the "Michigan Rolls" were awesome and gave me a piece to try - and it was delicious. You could tell this was the ultimate in fresh ingredients. I am also a big fan of Cafe Sushi on Maple Rd, where I first had a Crunch Roll which is fabulous. Nobana is more convenient for me as I get off I-75 there frequently, and eventually I tried asking for "Added Crunch" to their spicy california inside-out rolls, and it worked! It was my favorite from then on. I also love their salad dressing and they always have a cold-case filled with freshly made sushi and salads to take away without calling ahead. If you're picky, call first or plan to wait / eat there (there is a small dining area) -- the cold case has a variety of rolls which change daily -- it seems to be well-stocked on weekdays, as this is a popular lunch spot for nearby offices.

At a recent visit (after a 17 mile run I felt sushi was much-deserved), The Husband and I ordered some of his (cucumber... boooooooring...) and my (spicy california crunch!) favorites. It had been since Shilla that we had sushi, a few months ago, and it was fab. I noticed Nobana had some new sushi chefs and also noticed the rolls had less crunch than... well.. I was accustomed too. It was still tasty, so I won't knock them too much. The house dressing on the salad was still delicious!

They've recently created and updated their website, so you too can check out Nobana, a tasty and FRESH sushi joint. I typically call ahead and the service is fast - 10 or 15 minutes max. This equates to "call before I get to downtown Pontiac" on my way home from work... this is why Nobana is the only restaurant number in my cell phone, as bad as that may sound. The Husband thinks that's crazy, but he doesn't have to plan dinner for me so he can't make any comments... There are no current plans for any carb-bans in the near future so I hope to visit Nobana again soon! .. And you should, too!

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