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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Redcoat Tavern, Metro Detroit's Best Burgers

We really think the Redcoat Tavern is some of Detroit's best burger action, and they've won many awards so we know we're not the only ones.

Besides the burger being perfect, the main thing that sets Redcoat apart (to us) is the availability of zip sauce. Zip sauce is specific to Detroit and there doesn't seem to be an official recipe available anywhere online, so you really have to go out to local establishments to try it out. Recently they've also made Zip Sauce available at some specialty markets for your own steak and burger cooking at home - just add butter. It's almost as good as the fresh stuff. Zip sauce tastes like a salty, au jus, seasoned and buttery mixture and it is often seen at fancy Metro-Detroit steakhouses like Lelli's and Mario's, to be served with steak. Well, it's darned good with burgers, fries, ... anything.

Redcoat has "piedmontese" which is a unique and lean offering, but I've personally never tried it. I like the good old fashioned cheese burger with all the toppings, and maybe some sauteed onions, bacon and guacamole, depending on my mood! The have an extensive toppings list from "burnt onions" to gouda cheese, very unusual. The burgers are priced like a gourmet burger, $8 or $9 but more if you add on expensive toppings (guac), but leagues ahead of the "gourmet burger" chain like Red Robin (and I like Red Robin).

The fries are little shoestrings (and good in zip sauce) which are a nice match, but don't plan on finishing your burger and fries .. portions are plentiful... or come hungry, at least.

The ambiance is 1970s dark and dingy, with a reddish glow. The leather red booths set the mood, along with the British Redcoat mannequin at the door to greet you. Due to the darkness and that we were seated near others, my pictures are dark and somewhat blurry. Sorry!

Check out Redcoat Tavern and try their famous burgers. I'm sure they have other food but I have never checked! There is often a wait so try calling ahead or go during off hours. This is a great nightspot with additional dinner seating in the bar. These burgers are delicious any time of day!

Redcoat Tavern
31542 Woodward Avenue
Royal Oak, Michigan


  1. I'm confused by these latest blog entries as they seem to be more about someone else's kitchen rather than the Bliss kitchen..hmmmm :)

  2. Good point. Maybe since the leftovers made it to my kitchen, it's an indirect link...............

    that's a stretch.

  3. Zip sauce was originally created by Lelli's.