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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pasty Taste Off, Round Three

For more background information on the pasty, see my earlier post here. In that post, besides briefly discussing the origin of the Michigan pasty and conducting two taste-offs, we discovered that we loved the Weldon's pasty here in metro-Detroit, but that there were more places to try out there!

Next to try was Barb's Pasties in Clawson, Michigan. Barb's (who also makes pizza which we didn't sample) has been in the pasty business for quite some time, and they used to have some information on their website about their UP heritage, but alas, it is under construction at this moment that I'm writing this.

Since Weldon's pasties were our favorites so far, it was a one-on-one competition between Barb's and Weldon's. Right off the bat, you can see visual differences between the two. The Barb's pasty is HUGE! It clearly holds a lot of filling - your share of potatoes, beef, onions, carrots, rutabegas, etc. Still, we were going for taste so we were not casting any ballots quite yet. In this test, we had two Weldon's being baked, and just one from Barb's.

Silence fell over us while we tasted the samples... and??? Well, the results were coming slow. These two pasties taste VERY similar! They are both so delicious. I was not expecting Barb's to be that good, for whatever reason, and it really was just as awesome as Weldon's. We decided they had to be tied for being the two best pasties in Metro Detroit, though my husband was leaning toward Weldon's just slightly and I actually was leaning towards Barb's ever-so-slightly.

So, by all means, if you're passing by Barb's Pasties on Livernois/Main St in Clawson, or you're over on 15 Mile just east of Dequinder and see Weldon's Pasties -- Just stop! These little delicious pockets of Michigan history are well worth the $4 and change that they cost. And they are so buttery, savory and plain scrumptuous, you won't even dream about putting gravy on them.

I noticed there are still several places in Livonia (why is that??) that make pasties that I'd like to try, and then I'd also like to compare the place in Grand Blanc. Also, a full pasty taste-off of the U.P. needs to be conducted... you know... just to make sure they're all delicious up there.

Barb's Pasties and Pizza
610 S. Main St
Clawson, MI (Just south of 14 mile)

Weldon's Pasties (three locations)
2123 15 Mile Rd
Sterling Heights, MI (Just east of Dequinder)


2038 Cass Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI


19161 Merriman Rd
Livonia, MI


  1. Weldon's is my favorite, too. But, there's also pasties in Warren, on Mound Road just south of 12 mile road (next to McDonald's) that are bigger than Weldon's and about a dollar or so cheaper.

  2. I would try this taste test again but with a third pasty. Marquee Marque Pasties in the Riverland Plaza on Van Dyke Ave.

    By far the BEST pasty I have very had!

    1. Weldon's is down to two so far, Barb's is going out of business, yet Marquee Marque Pasties is continuing on with yet another location in New Baltimore. This lady needs to get out more I think.

  3. Haha, would the people from Marquee Marks stop posting? I'm sorry your pasty wasn't that good. Even the Milford Bakery's unusual take on a pasty was much better. I get out plenty and have had tons of pasties and I know a good one when I taste it. Barb's is so not going out of business. Their pasties are still amazing, and get this, The Husband has me actually order pasties from Barbs so they can bring them to their Upper Peninsula hunting camp... Barbs beats many of the UP pasties I've had!