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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Buy for Basketcases

The Husband thinks I'm a little dorky, but I couldn't help bring home two 4-packs of these darling little baskets. I found them in the $1 aisle of Target and at 25 cents a piece, I could NOT resist. I am so excited - just think of all I can put in here -- fish and chips - chicken fingers and fries - nachoes - oh the possibilities are endless! The Husband wasn't nearly as excited but I think it was because Mister Moose was over, so he was playing it cool. Haha. So - come on over for a basket lunch! I can serve 8!

That night, we made Dales Burgers with roasted potatoes, so I was extremely excited to break out the baskets for the three of us.
On a side note, here are some burger tips I learned from my Grilling magazine, which I think really made a huge difference. These burgers were totally awesome. We still did the "soak in a little bit of Dales for 20-30 minutes" and seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning and garlic powder.

1. Only use meat that is at least 20% fat or more
2. For thick burgers, cook slow and low - flip frequently

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