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Thursday, August 7, 2008

2nd Anniversary Celebration

Apparently the traditional gift for your 2nd anniversary is cotton! Neither of us followed that idea but.. maybe next year -- leather!

The Husband's task was to pick a restaurant for a nice dinner and surprise me. It didn't quite turn out that way and I also had a part in deciding... based on our Entertainment Book coupon and previous knowledge that the food is excellent, we couldn't think of a better place than to go to Mario's! I already blogged about the main restaurant - Mario's of Detroit - but this time we went to the Mario's in Troy. The recipes are pretty much the same, the prices are slightly cheaper (you don't get the relish tray and you have to choose between a soup or salad, not both!), it's a little more casual, and it's way more convenient. We got to sit outside (and marvel at the oddity of "Professional Karaoke" singers) where tons of elderly people were ordering their Lobster Special of the evening.
Tim and I ordered our usual - Chateaubriand - the large chunk of tenderloin which they slice at the table, with all the fixings (including bread, soup or salad, pasta, potato, veggies, and ZIP SAUCE.) It was delish and we had plenty to take home!

I decided to take more pictures since all of my orignial Marios photos were very dark because there is hardly any lighting in that dining room. So please enjoy my updates on their Pasta Course and what it looks like when they serve and slice the tenderloin.

I really like their pasta sauce here, it is delish! I don't expect to ever order anything else at this restaurant, but I bet their other dishes are pretty tasty.

Here we are - the server is cutting the tenderloin in half and asking if it is done to our liking. Yum!

And here's what it looked like once the tasty stuff was plated. If you're looking for a really good steak and especially if you have an Entertainment book card, and you find value in eating tenderloin in the comfort of your own flip-flops, try Mario's of Troy... you'll love it!

Mario's of Troy

1477 John R Rd
Troy, MI

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