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Monday, September 8, 2008

Potato Carving

I was watching the Food Network and there was a fruit/veggie carving challenge going on. It gave me an idea - I wondered if I still remembered how to do that one technique that I learned in my 2 hour "Melon carving" class. I dug in my utensil drawer - good - still had the knife. I didn't have any melons.... but... I had a potato. That seemed perfectly normal to me... these people on TV were carving all sorts of things to make magical towering sculptures.

Anyway, I think I remembered the steps pretty ok. The first step is to pick the center of your "flower" and then draw four "petals" around it using the tip of your knife. Then, slightly below the petals, you'll want to carve another 4 petals, and this will be the outline for what is left of your "petal" when you carve away underneath and above. From this picture you can see the triangle shape that has been cut out of the potato. You basically are just making that shape all the way around, staggering and increasing in size as you move downwards.

Hope this little description helps! I think we should carve more potatoes, this would be pretty roasted... and tasty. The Food Network masters were coloring their little carvings with natural things and that gave me the idea to see if I could make this ugly little potato a little more interesting. I got out some red food coloring and... it was a little dark but I made a mental note that this could work.... in the future... the next time I'm carving potatoes..... The Husband came home while I was in the middle of all this.. just another normal day after work when The Wife has gotten into the potatoes!