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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ultimate Chocolate Martini

I found this recipe in 2007 for the holidays and it has become a holiday tradition for me -- the liquors are sorta expensive, so I limit it to my birthday/Christmas season time of year for a special treat. Of chocolate martini's, my favorite one was from the Town Tavern in Royal Oak, Michigan, because they also included a chocolate truffle in the martini - nice garnish! Also, I like chocolate martinis that taste good, not just like a mouthful of liquor. They are of course $8 or 9+ bucks so I still think it's more economic to buy your own top shelf ingredients, and even little chocolates, to construct this delicious martini at home... and share with your friends! I think this martini is just as good as the best chocolate martini I've had at a bar and better than most I've ordered.

Ultimate Chocolte Martini

Recipe from

In a shaker of ice, add:

1.5oz Godiva chocolate liquor
1.5oz Creme de Cacao
0.5oz Vodka, preferably a top shelf variety
2.5oz half and half

Optional garnish: Chocolate or caramel drizzles, fine chocolates, chocolate truffles, etc

Shake shaker until it feels cold to the touch and serve in your martini glass with garnishes.


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