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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tiny Taste of Chattanooga

I say "tiny" taste because I plan to go back and spend more time with Andrea and Jan as there was a whole lot left to see. Andrea and Jan just moved to Chattanooga and I snuck away on an extended weekend trip to visit.

It was an awesome trip - beautiful views (including the one above with is the view from their house!) and I got to stay at their new house which has another special ammenity: Asche Cafe where fresh cappucinos are made all day long! You also probably won't get a MoonPie (invented in Chattanooga!) left on your pillow at any hotel, either....
As a sidenote, Andrea and I agree that the MoonPies really need to make themselves taste better! What a let down!

The weather was not super cooperative in mid November but we did get some beautiful sight seeing in. Also, Andrea and I had plenty of time to catch up and we even did a little cooking club action! We made some fancy German tea, cappucinos, Sally's macaroni and cheese recipe, some great paninis, and some banana fosters waffles... which I actually got a picture of...

As far as eating out goes, we hit up a dinner theatre murder mystery comedy show - Vaudeville Cafe which was quite enjoyable. We also hit up Big River Brewing Works which was tasty as well.

We tried to get breakfast at Aretha Frankenstein's but it was too packed, but Andrea has sent me a pancake mix from Aretha which I am saving for a special occasion! We ended up having breakfast at Mudpie with the JAAM Breakfast Club-Chattanooga Chapter, but I will just leave that review out... not our favorite.

All weekend long, I had been hearing about this Killer Potato from Choo Choo BBQ. It was located right across from their main shopping center so we kept passing it but it wasn't until Saturday night when the time was right for some suicidal barbecue deliciousness. Between friends and neighbors, Andrea and Jan and I, we got 5 killer potatoes (and some fried okra just for some southern flare).

The killer potato is delicious... it's served in a big takeout box and consists of a large baked potato, probably covered in butter, smashed on the bottom of your takeout box. They top that with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and a big pile of hot and saucy bbq pork. I was able to save a large chunk of mine for the next evening but there were some brave souls who ate their entire Killer Potato..... and it was killer indeed. :) Very delicious and a must-try!

Well, I can't wait to go back to Chattanooga and try out more bbq (I've been hearing a lot about this pretzel bbq pork sandwich....), aretha's, and more! I recommend that you stop in Chattanooga because it is quite a cute little town with a lot to offer.

Quick Banana Fosters Waffles
(also good on French Toast or Pancakes or the traditional Ice Cream)
See this website for the official Banana Fosters recipe, which is the one from Brennan's of New Orleans.

I don't really measure anything out - here are some estimates for you to start with:

2 bananas
2 oz butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
pinch of cinnamon and fresh nutmeg
shredded sweetened coconut (optional and not part of the original recipe... but delicious!!)

The real recipe calls for some banana liqueur and dark rum but since you still need liquid for sauce, you can substitute more butter and sugar until you have the right amount of "sauce" for your needs.

Anyway, chop the bananas any way you'd like, and melt the butter and brown sugar in a small saute pan. Add the spices and once you have a warm bubbly sauce, throw in the bananas for 1 minute until they are heated through but not too long which may make them mushy.

Spoon your delicious banana goodness on top of waffles, french toast, ice cream, or anything! You will find you won't need syrup... and Andrea and I kicked it up a notch and sprinkled shredded sweetened coconut on top which is a must-try if you like coconut. Yummmmm!!

Choo Choo BBQ in Hixson, TN
5731 Hwy 153
Hixson, TN

Stop in for a killer potato now!!!
This modest BBQ restaurant doesn't waste money on frills - it's take-out only. Their little smokers seem to be puffing away all day and night right at the back of the building.

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  1. That tater looks so yummy...reminds of one I used to eat back home in NE arkansas called the shack tater. I just had one when I went back home a couple months ago..nice walk down memory lane :)