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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flower Cupcakes

It is customary for treats to be brought in to work to celebrate birthdays at The Husband's workplace. He ordered some cupcakes, and while my Plan A was to make something lawyer related, that didn't quite pan out.

Plan B was Flower Cupcakes. Not very masculine but after I showed him some ideas, he accepted the offer (darn straight!). I saw some great examples of flower cupcakes online and had some fun making multi-colored flowers by putting in two colors of frosting in the piping bag at a time. The roses were my favorite.

I messed up the colors a bit - the pink was way brighter than I had hoped, but oh well - that's how it works.

The cupcakes were chocolate with raspberry buttercream filling, and topped with buttercream flowers. I made some spikey mum or dahlia-like flowers, some daisey-like flowers, some roses, and some carnation-like flowers.

I was generally happy with how they turned out, but still need some work on my flower making skills.

These were the first cupcakes I had made since Christmas and my first chance to utilize Megan's gift of a cupcake carrying case (and the bottom portion is a baking pan!!) It worked out perfectly, even The Husband couldn't ruin them on the way to work.

Decorating these took an hour and a half, and I finished around midnight which means for dimly lit photographs. Sorry for the dull colors, they were much prettier in person! Here is one photo of one of the rejects from the following day - with a mess of various leftover colors making a messy rose... but at least there was sunlight.


  1. OMG!! They look adorable!! Can you teach me how to do this ??? :)

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous. You are very talented with buttercream!

  3. love ur cupcakes....can u teach me? :-)