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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coconut Cream Cake for Mother's Day (and cupcakes)

This is a great recipe and I even added a major shortcut to it and it was still awesome! If you like coconut, I highly recommend trying out this coconut custard filling and cream cheese frosting combination with the toasted coconut topping. The recipe also called for a coconut flavored cake but I already had the Caterpillar cake going on this weekend so I cut my time short by using a box cake and adding coconut extract. I doubt you even need the extract - the filling is so coconutty that it overpowered whatever flavoring the cake had. It was a delicious combination. I made the custard filling in advance and it worked like a charm.

I first thought of trying this recipe when I saw Bobby Flay on "Throw Down" challenge the chef of the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, SC to a Coconut Cake challenge. Bobby said this was pretty much his favorite cake and he would always order some and have them shipped to his family gatherings during the holidays. Martha Stewart featured this recipe on her show and that's where I tracked down the recipe, as seen here.

Since I only wanted a small cake, I only used a 6inch cake pan and made as many layers as I could (about 5 layers) and I still had tons of filling and icing leftover. I had extra cake batter too so I decided to give my coworkers another treat and make Coconut Cream Cupcakes.

I tried implanting the filling into the cupcakes but when that didn't work, I just piped it on top of the cupcake and then covered that mound with piped cheesecake frosting and then topped it with additional toasted coconut.

These were a gigantic hit and I've had requests for more of these cupcakes, so if a cake isn't up your alley - keep the coconut filling and frosting recipe in mind for cupcakes! Sooo tasty!

I surprised my mom by making this cake for Mother's Day and it was a big hit, and the leftovers froze really well - this little cake was enjoyed for a long time. It's a very decadent recipe but you don't even have to love coconut to appreciate these, delicious!

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