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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 2nd Daring Cook's Challenge: Potstickers!

I would've never thought to make my own chinese potstickers but Jen from use real butter has talked all of we Daring Cooks into trying her family's traditional recipe out for ourselves! First off, I love Jen's blog name - Use Real Butter! I totally agree! Now, The Husband and I love potstickers, especially pork, so I stuck with Jen's original recipe... though her shrimp recipe looks fabulous as well. The only thing I may have strayed on was I accidently picked up "pork sausage" instead of just ground pork, but these little guys were delicious nonetheless.

The dough consists of flour and water and maybe I could've rolled mine out a little more, made them more uniform, and done a better job on the pleating but they all turned out great. We fried up the first half of the recipe and the second half went into the freezer for another time, which I'm looking forward to.

Jen has an awesome blog post which describes the recipe and procedure, step by step, so check that out here if you'd like to give this a try! I also made her recommended dipping sauce - soy sauce, vinegar, and mine had a little sugar and green onions, which was quite a tasty treat and different than the typical dumpling sauce I usually purchase from my local asian markets.

The pork filling was juicey and so flavorful, mmmm! We had fresh ginger, shitake mushrooms, cabbage, soy sauce, sesame oil, bamboo shoots, and of course, the pork!

This is a delicious recipe, it reminded me of making pierogies or pyrohy for our Ukrainian meals at my parents' house, and any dumpling is a friend of mine! Thank you Jen for this fun experience, it was a great challenge!


  1. Great dumplings! I didn't fry them but I have to try it as your looks delicious :) Cheers!

  2. I am working on making mine right now. nothing like doing thinks at the last minute.

    your look really great and I plan to fry mine too

  3. Your dumplings look absolutely delicious. I saw your post on the Daring Cooks site and noticed we had the same microwave so had to come check out your blog :) Your cakes are gorgeous, you are such a talented decorator!

  4. You did a wonderful job with this challenge. Your dumplings look delicious.

  5. You're a stud(ette)! Nice job on your challenge. Love the crispiness of the potstickers. And honestly, you can put pretty much anything you like in the filling :) Kudos!

  6. Great job! those dumplings looked fabulous.

    I had a look on some of your cakes! What a talent you have.

  7. Yum!! Your dumplings look delicious =D. Awesome job on this challenge!!

  8. that filling mixture sounds great