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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cookies For A Cause: Apple-Cherry Crumble Bars

With another edition to my Cookies for a Cause charity adventure, we have the Apple-Cherry Crumble Bars up next!

I am still going with my goal to bake as many delicious recipes out of Martha Stewart's "Cookies" recipe book, and so far, so good. This was an easy pick because I knew The Husband (and my coworker Padma) would love this - anything with a cinnamon crumble and apples is going to be a winner for him. We would have collected more money for charity if I hadn't let him get into one of the trays of bars. :)

These tasty treats consist of a cinnamon spiced crumble topping that is mashed into the bottom of the pan, which is then topped with apple cider-steeped dried apples and dried cherries. Then more crumble topping goes on top of the fruit and then you bake. These are tender crumbly bars and quite tasty! It would be a good fall dessert, it tastes like a dutch apple pie plus dried cherries for a little zing. Yum!

I brought these into work to raise money for the Disabled Veterans of America and I am happy to report that I raised over $20! Not bad for a company that is in Bankruptcy!!! That brings a total of over $86 raised for charities, with the first $50 having gone to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. This Cookies for a Cause adventure I've started seems to be going well so I am happy to keep going and see how much we can raise.. and how many cookies we can try. :)

Apple-Cherry Crumble Bars

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  1. How great is that cookbook? I think I have nearly ever page tagged! These look lovely. Glad to hear your fundraising is going well.