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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cookies for a Cause: Heavenly and Double Chocolate Brownies

Well I am a little late in posting this but here it is finally. I decided to try out some brownies for my one-woman bake sale for charity, which I do at work. It's getting to the point where people know to stop by my desk in case they have the munchies in hopes to happen across some freshly baked goods. I'm starting to find out what kinds of desserts my coworkers like, and even including some of them in picking out recipes if I have my Martha Stewart Cookies book with me.

For the brownies, I couldn't decide about which recipes to try so I chose one Double Chocolate Brownie recipe from Martha and one Heavenly Brownie recipe from my "101 Things To Do With A Cake Mix" recipe book which I have been meaning to try.

The results? Martha's brownies were a classic deep and dark chocolate brownie. I didn't frost them, but they did have a lightly crispy top built in and they tasted like a great old fashioned brownie, no surprises. The Heavenly Brownies used a Devil's Food cake box and made a brownie "bottom" which got topped with a cream cheese, powdered sugar and egg mixture on top. This was an extremely sweet and soft brownie with a delicious creamy white topping that turned golden brown after baking. I preferred the sweeter Heavenly Brownies (no offense Martha!) even though I could recognize the box cake flavor. It basically comes down to if you're the dark chocolate type of person or a sweet-a-holic; my coworkers were also split on which one was their favorites.

I baked these beauties for July 8th at work and I am happy to report we raised $19.89 for the Alzheimer's Association. As I've noted before, 100% of the money donated by my coworkers goes to the charity of my choice, and my donation is the cookies themselves in an effort to raise money for a great cause. So far, it's working out wonderfully and I look forward to how well we'll do over the upcoming months.

Here is Martha's recipe online if you're interested, and check out that "Things To Do With A Cake Mix" book.


  1. I often have people coming by my desk on a Monday asking if I baked over the weekend - and if I brought in some of the goods! Maybe I need to bring in some baking books and include a little jar for charity on my desk, too? Great idea. And I love the Martha Brownies. So delicious.

  2. They are delicious! Your coworkers are hooked on your delicious treats, that's a great sign. :)