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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slows Bar B Q - Best BBQ in Detroit

Slows Bar  B Q is in Corktown over by the rubble that used to be the old Tiger Stadium. It's not a great area but it's cute with Michigan Avenue being made of brick through this area. This area used to be largely populated with Irish people from County Cork, hence Corktown.  There isn't much that remains from those roots and in fact it was pretty desolate, empty and generally unsafe, like much of Detroit. Anyway, all that aside, Slows Bar B Q is always packed with a wait. I have tried to eat here before but the long line was a deterrent but finally for The Husband's birthday dinner we decided we'd wait it out.. which did not end up being that long of a wait after all.

It was nice and sunny out so waiting outside was no problem (the bar area inside is cramped), and it was slightly awkward because of the bum sitting on the stoop next to the door, but we had a GREAT time watching all of the customers after us walk right past the front door and try to get in through a window or non-working door.... Slows' front door is nice looking but it doesn't look like a door so it blends in all too well. I was glad I wasn't the only one who didn't think it looked like a door.

I've seen Slows featured on the Food Network... especially the Man vs Food (or was it Diners Drive-Ins and Dives?) where they talked about their various barbecue sauces and the triple threat sandwich.. which didn't look that good to me (I like juicy sandwiches) since it was just a bunch with three meats and nothing else. Anyway the sauces looked good and The Husband had been there many times and everything was supposed to be pretty good.

We weren't disappointed. I decided to try the duo of spare ribs and pulled pork and my two sides I picked were the most comforting of comfort foods that I could think of - mac 'n' cheese and sweet potato mash. I totally devoured the sides and gave 90% of my meat to Tim and we brought some home. I'm a sides kinda gal but the pulled pork was very good and the spareribs weren't bad for being spareribs (I like baby backs the best but decided to try something new).

The Husband got the trio of barbecue chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket. The chicken was not what we expected - it was a breast.. no juicy dark meat to be found so that was our least favorite. The pork and brisket were excellent. He got the green beans and waffle fries as a side.. I snuck in a few fries but missed out on the beans but I heard they were fabulous.

Anyway, if you have a hankering for real barbecue that is made by true 'que connoisseurs, Slows Bar B Q is the place to go. It's a neat atmosphere on the inside, they have some fantastic sauces that they seem to rotate (the apple flavored one was The Husbands favorite, while I liked to mix them all up), and there's a reason why it's always packed with a line out the door - the food is fabulous. Hope you try Slows and enjoy!

Slows Bar B Q
2138 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI