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Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Pom-Wonderful Cocktail Recipes

The nice people over at POM-Wonderful sent me some free samples of Pomegranate-Cranberry juice. I can finally start having some cocktails again, now that I'm not pregnant so it was time to do some experimenting. So far, I have three tasty concoctions:

POM-Cranberry Cosmopolitan
Basically it's just an ounce of vodka, 1/2 ounce of cointreau or other citrus spirit, and an ounce or two of POM-Cranberry with a splash of lime juice or twist of a lime. Very tasty.

POM-Cranberry Hard Iced Tea
This was our favorite - it's sweet but it's delicious. My sister-in-law, Jessie, was sweet enough to send us a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I hadn't really tried it much and it sat on the shelf all last year but boy it was a great match with the POM-Cranberry juice. I would say equal parts Firefly Vodka and POM-Cranberry is a great match - it's sweet and delicious. A great summer cocktail.

POM-Cranberry Mimosas
We had a brunch this morning and with some leftover champagne, I decided to try out the POM-Cranberry to see what would happen (besides making a very pretty rose colored mimosa!). I tried it both ways - add a splash of POM-Cranberry to your champagne, with or without a splash of orange juice. They were both good and a nice variation from your classic mimosa.

Anyway I had some fun with trying out the new flavor, so thanks to POM-Wonderful for sending along some free samples.