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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Taste of Buffalo, New York

The Husband decided to run the Buffalo Marathon over Memorial Day weekend this year and his parents and I made a weekend trip of the race and got to see a little bit of Buffalo. I had only driven through the city but it was interesting to see a closer look. We stayed at the Hyatt which was fine, I'm a fan of any place that gives me cookies upon arrival. We hit up the Pearl Street Brewery for dinner the night before the race, which was pretty tasty. Having just cleared the 1st Trimester, I wasn't sampling the beer but I think everyone else enjoyed theirs pretty well.

Race morning, The Husband was off running and he and his parents and I had some time to walk around the city and take a few pictures. After the race, we made sure to go to the Anchor Bar for the original buffalo style chicken wings. We had been wondering if we should try to go to both the Anchor Bar and Duff's, both of which have been featured on The Food Network and Travel Channel for having the best wings in town and quite a rivalry. We were feeling sorta behind schedule and The Husband was (obviously) tired so I remember telling him "we can just go to this one place, I don't feel like eating too many wings anyway" .. I ate more wings than anyone else at the table, hahaha. They were so good! We got an order of 20 originals and yes I've had Buffalo Wild Wings before but there was something about these that really set them apart. They were crispy, the sauce was classic buffalo sauce, and it was just delicious. The Anchor Bar was pretty neat on the inside and it is definitely worth a stop if you are in Buffalo. I remember reading reviews saying the wings weren't so good and they might be soggy and service was bad and none of that seemed true from our point of view, so definitely give it a try!

We also tried the famous sandwich known around this area as Beef on Weck, where you have sliced mid rare roast beef piled onto a "kummelweck" roll (bun with caraway seeds), dipped in au jus, and served with fresh horseradish. It was decent, nothing too exceptional and tasted exactly as we expected, so it was interesting to try that too. It's a Western New York specialty apparently.

Anchor Bar
Home of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wings

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