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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruit Topped Cheesecake

The Husband is back from his fishing trip, yay! The tradition is that they always come home late Saturday night and then a fish fry for all of the fishing camp men plus wives happens on Sunday. My assignment was to bring dessert and I decided on a cheesecake. I loved  Abbey's cheesecake recipe from a previous Daring Bakers challenge  so I used that. I wasn't sure how many people would be there so I needed to scale up the cheesecake size by a 1/3 to fit into my 10in springform pan. The 1/3 was the right scale change so that was good to know.

The main thing I was worried about was my springform pan.. I wrapped it in four layers of heavy duty extra wide foil and from what I could tell, no water seeped in from the water bath. The bottom of the crust was a little soggy so maybe that was from not blind baking like Alton Brown does? I can't remember if that happened the first time I made this recipe.. anyway the edges were crisp enough and as usual I put in a little cinnamon into the crust, and I just love graham cracker crust on cheesecake. This recipe is super creamy with a great texture and any cheesecake lover will be very pleased if you make it for them!

I used an assortment of fruit to decorate the top - strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, kiwis, and cherries. I think it would also be great with a one-fruit sauce/topping, like a sweet blueberry or strawberry topping.. yum. It's blueberry season and I was excited to be using Michigan blueberries!

Anyway follow this link for Abbey's Infamous Cheesecake Recipe  for more information, if you're interested!


  1. Oh my that looks divine!!!!

    1. she's right you can't beat star perfection

  2. i want it so much

  3. Lets add some blackberries and raspberries!

    Would that be any good?

  4. wooooh that is sooo good I might try that at home al enjoy that one

  5. That's star quality looks loverly yum!

  6. how do u make the base and the cheese toppings

  7. I needed to scale up the cheesecake size by a 1/3 to fit into my 10in springform pan.Remodel Kitchen Kansas City