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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Baby Shower Invites!

I had ordered these super cute baby shower invites from TinyPrints and I had them sent to my mom's house since I was going to be gone on a long East Coast Trip and they needed to get in the mail. Well, during my trip my mom kept saying she was surprised they hadn't arrived. I didn't understand that since they really should've been there... sure enough they weren't even there by the time I got back. To make a long story short, the problem wasn't with TinyPrints but with the post office, who delivered them a week before the shower, for some odd reason. TinyPrints was super cool about it, sent a second shipment and gave me a great gift card (which I used for some fabulous baby announcements) and really it was a shame all those shower invites will go to waste but maybe I can find a use for them someday if I get out some scrapbooking materials.

Speaking of scrapbooking, about 3 weeks before the shower I had to give up on the ordered invites and figure out a plan B. I wasn't too keen on just buying some crappy invites at a store but I was also really busy and tired so I wasn't sure if I'd have time to make some special ones.
 I decided to just go at least try to find something I could improve upon and headed over to Target. I then went to Michaels to compare, and then back to Target to get these polkadot invites, and then I went back to Michaels to get some materials to dress them up - some card stock, vellum and linen paper, some ribbon, etc.

I covered up the writing on the store-bought invitations with some yellow linen paper and then printed out the invitation writing on some see-through vellum, and I trimmed the top of the invite with some green stitched ribbon with some sparkles. I also printed out some ducky pictures on cardstock and punched them out and mounted them ona thick adhesive to get a 3-D effect. 

I think they turned out super cute and I was even more proud of them than I would've been of my TinyPrints invites, even though it took several hours to put them together. I finally got the shower invites out in the mail and I was super annoyed that they were only a few weeks before the event. Had I known the first ones weren't going to arrive, I would've handmade them ages ago. Then it was time to start working on the shower favors which I was also going to make!


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  2. What beautiful invites! I'd love to do something similar for my sister's shower. Do you remember where you got the duck pictures?