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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Brunch: Pomegranate Mimosas and McClures Bloody Marys

Speaking of brunch (the last few posts have been french toast and sugar buns!), I just noticed some pictures of the drinks we had at our brunch we hosted for some near and dear friends.

One of our friends brought some fabulous bloody mary mix from Detroit's own McClures
(known for their amazing pickles!) - he also brought some hot pickles to garnish and we had some stuffed olives and it was great. The mix and pickles were spicy and delicious. If you find yourself typically buying bloody mary mix and having to add a bunch of ingredients to make it tasty, try McClures, it's got different spices in it and the pickling brine in it and a lot of great flavor right from the get-go. Plus it's always great to support a Michigan company. I've seen McClures featured on FoodNetwork and the first time I saw their pickles available was at the Eastern Market in Detroit. Now you can find them in stores around!

We also had two kinds of pomegranate mimosas - one with a splash of orange juice and one without. This was a tasty and pretty drink, fruit and champagne in the morning is always a good thing. Some one has already thought of this, I'm sure, but I think I'll call it the Pom-osa! I guess I already posted a blog about this here, but oh well!

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  1. Please put these on the menu for when I am home in December! Maybe I'll even be home in time for Clark's bday party - I sure hope so!