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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Planning Cake Portions and Servings using Cake Mix Boxes

I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier but I think this post might be helpful for many at-home bakers. Do you catch yourself asking, how many cake boxes do I need for this cake? I took a really basic cake decorating class a few years ago and the teacher gave us this simple hand out which had some numbers as to how many cake mixes you need for a particular size pan and how many servings it yields. The hand out was clearly copied from somewhere and I do not have the original source but I know it was not that class nor teacher, so oh well. I have fixed it up and added my own spin on things and created a handy PDF that you can download and print and use for your future reference.

A few notes:
1. Yes this is talking about using those store-bought cake mix boxes to make celebration cakes, wedding cakes, whatever kind of cake you want. I full well know how to make some kick-butt from-scratch cakes but sometimes I choose to use cake mixes. For an intricately decorated cake, I often prefer to focus my time on the decorating. Cake mixes are predictable and easy to use and taste fine

2. You can use doctored cake mixes or your own scratch cake recipe and still benefit from my serving and size estimations by using the following conversion: a cake mix box typically yields about 4.5 to 5cups of batter. You can measure out your batter and fill up the pans 2/3rds full and continue on as noted in the PDF

3. I tend to prefer Betty Crocker cake mixes and the "butter recipe" flavor variations are the best

Click here for the Kitchen Bliss Cake Portion Planning PDF

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this pdf!! It's extremely helpful!!