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Friday, November 1, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

I'm sure everyone has seen these around the internet or in magazines but last year for Thanksgiving I decided to give them a try and it was a lot of fun for my son's Thanksgiving Feast party as school.

I had some chocolate buttercream leftover from a previous cake recipe so that made it even easier! First you just bake the flavor of cupcakes that you'd like  - I went with basic yellow cake for the picky toddlers these were for. I think a spice or pumpkin cake would be nice with spiced or brown butter frosting, also.

After the cupcakes are baked, (I made both regular sized and mini sized cupcakes),  you put chocolate buttercream into a pastry sleeve fitted with a big star tip. Pipe out a big lump and then a curvy neck/head for the turkey. Once all of the chocolate buttercream is done, use the wonderful seasonal candy -candy corn - to create the fan tail for each turkey. My large cupcakes used more than the mini cupcakes, of course.

Then with some leftover vanilla buttercream, I colored a very little portion red, orange, and black, and kept some white. Using the white and then black, make two eyes for each turkey just using regular round tips. For the beak, use orange with a leaf tip. The red should be used for the jowl of the turkey.

These were a big hit with the toddlers who ate them while being dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians. It was pretty easy, I would definitely make these again!

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