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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Melon Madness: Fruit Carving

Here is an oldie but a goodie, the result of my "Fruit Carving" class I took at the Community House in Birmingham last Spring. The class was a quick two or three hour introduction to the art of carving fruit. The chef who instructed us had a lot of experience in the field and the inexpensive entry fee (somewhere from $25 to $40.. can't remember) was well worth it.

We received our very own honeydew melons (a good choice because of the contrasting colors between the skin and flesh of the melon) and our very own Carving knife which was quite sharp (and can be purchased at GFS he said).

Since this was about a year ago, looking at the picture of the melon makes me think "how the heck did we do that, again??" but here's what I remember:

1. Use the tip of your knife to "Draw" on a flower (you see the center circle and 6 outward petals).

2. I think the next step was to angle your knife to carve out the inside of the petals

3. Then the last step was to carve out the circle around the entire flower and make a flat background that the flower is popping out of. You can make as many concentric layers of petals as you want, so you can do that first.

4. Lastly, I had that large blank circle in the middle of my flower so I decorated it with some hearts just for fun at the end of the class... I would make that circle smaller next time and skip the hearts.

Just a fun little thing to try. I bet there are many ideas elsewhere online, and some day when I want to dress up a food display for a party, I will buy some extra melons!

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