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Friday, October 31, 2008

Creepy Halloween Cupcakes

Yay for Megan and Bryan having a Halloween party... a perfect excuse to make more cupcakes. This was a fun project - I just googled halloween cupcakes and picked out the styles that I liked the best and went with 6 of them-- Spiders, Mummies, Brains, Monsters, Skull/Crossbones, and Ghosts. All of the decorating was done with buttercream frosting and I just used food coloring to get the different colors. Some of the other examples online used candy and such but I thought I would keep it "easy to eat" with just frosting...

Here are a few shots of how they turned out!

Note to self: Always use a box when transporting cupcakes, especially if you aren't "glueing" them down with frosting to the board...even if you are only driving a few miles. Sudden braking can cause a few cupcakes to roll off the board and get smashed, as they did here! Lucky for Megan and I, we just ate those on the spot..... so, only 22 cupcakes left for the party! Oops!


  1. The cupcakes were super yummy! In case you care...m my favorite were the mummies...the hiding yellow eyes were perfect!

  2. The most clever cupcakes I've ever seen! What a fun Michigan find (popped over from Luna Pier).

  3. These look awesome - creative and yummy! Just linked to your post from the MyPunchbowl online invitations blog where I wrote about Halloween cupcakes.