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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Martha Stewart's Sugar Buns

Well I've made The Husband's mom's fabulous quiche recipe several times but for a recent brunch, I decided to try a new recipe to go along with that - Martha Stewart's sugar buns. We were having a brunch at our house on Easter weekend with some of the nearest and dearest friends of The Husband and I ... the newly engaged and the new parents... all sorts of wonderful things to celebrate. So this called for a tasty breakfast!

I had seen this on Martha Bakes! at my mom's house and it was a recipe for her yeast dough which can be then used for sugar buns or sticky buns or monkey bread, I think. I hadn't done much with yeast before so that was fun. I probably didn't do it quite right or maybe over mixed but I think these turned out tasty nonetheless. I think baking and doughs take a lot of practice and there is a "feel" to the perfect dough that I just don't know yet. I look forward to making some cinnamon buns sometime soon also. This was fun and they were pretty good - what's not to like about cinnamon sugary doughy goodness? They were especially wonderful while still warm out of the oven.

Another thing I liked about this recipe is that you can make the dough and let it rise the first time the day before, roll it and fill with cinnamon and sugar goodness, slice and put into the cupcake tin, and then place in the fridge overnight to rise the second time. This way, in the morning before your guests arrive, you can take the muffin tins out to come to room temperature and the rising will be all finished and they're ready to go for baking. Very easy and convenient and no need to get your hands dirty the day of your brunch!

Martha's Sugar Buns
The recipe can be found here on


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  2. I am fortunate to be able to attest to the fact that not only was the food amazing, but Ms. Kitchen Bliss was able to relax and enjoy it with her guests!

    se magnifique!

  3. Hello!! I just made these and am wondering if they are suppose to be flakey on the outside and sort of like a cinnamon roll on the inside. Thanks!!!